Group Accommodation

12 Unique Bungalows

You will have a similar but different experience in each of our bungalows. All our rooms offer different bed setups, have air conditioning, bathroom and private terrace.

Happy Collaborations

An event at The Land means happy and fulfilled goodbyes. The fact that most of our collaborators come here regularly is a sweet indicator of this.

Your Kitchen

Our already legendary kitchen can be adapted to your preferences when you bring a group, additions and removals can be made to support the whole experience.

Contracted Services

Thanks to contracted individuals and companies, you can get photo and video services for your event, go on a hike with a guide or arrange passanger transfer from trusted sources.

Geyikbayırı Nature

The nature here heals you and expands your heart just by being in it. Come and experience why so many of our guests come back again and again.

Beyond Accommodation

You will be able to enjoy our ecological pool, sauna, massage, a unique cafe and beyond at The Land.

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